Write an essay to explain why John Hu became “mad” in Question of Hu


Guide for Essay I

Write an essay to explain why John Hu became “mad” in Question of Hu. The essay should NOT be a simple summary of the novel. Instead, it should be one that analyzes and explains what happened to Hu. Here are some questions that may guide your writing: how to characterize Hu and Foucquet’s relationship? Why did Hu’s behaviors change over time? You are encouraged to use other course materials to support your argument, such as Cohen and course pack.


 You need to read the entire book Question of Hu before writing the essay.

 The essay should be based on your original ideas. No plagiarism will be tolerated.

 Your essay should have a central argument.

 Font: Times New Roman, size 12.

 Length: double space, 4 pages.

 Citation: Use whatever citation style that works for you. But make sure the page numbers, authors, and sources are clearly listed.

 Footnote only. No endnote.

 No paragraph should be longer than 3/4 of a page.

 No sentence should be longer than 4 lines.

 Each paragraph should have a topic sentence.

 The essay should have a title, page numbers, your name, your MSU ID, and

the date of submission on it.