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disasterrecovery 6

Using a Web browser, search for “incident response template.” Look through the first five results and choose one for further investigation. Take a look at it and determine if you think it would be useful to an organization creating a CSIRT. Why or why not? No Plagiarism please

discussion reply post 6

“This is just a discussion reply” As you think about your discussion issues this week, we would suggest that you consider these questions as you think about the material: Is international violence ever justified?(international notinterpersonal violence or individual self-defense) If so, under what conditions? Are these Just War criteria that have developed over the last […]

information technology 176

Lab 1: UNDERSTANDING INTERNET PROTOCOLS In order to detect or prevent network security breaches, you must understand the Internet protocols as well as the attacker does. The protocols originate from publicly available Requests for Comments, or RFCs. The official repository and publisher of all RFCs is the RFC Editor. The purpose of this lab is […]

risk management plan using the risk register template spreadsheet

Risk Management Plan using the Risk Register Template spreadsheet found in Files section (50 points) Remember, a risk is an uncertain event or condition that can have a positive or negative impact on the project. This week, you will: Identify and analyze your project risks Complete a risk register as the foundation for your risk […]

answer this question 2 paragraphs needed

Need 2 paragraphs with sources on this prompt. What clinical trial endpoints have been shown to improve when ACE inhibitors and/or ARBS are used in preventing the progression of kidney disease in patients with diabetes? Which patients with diabetes benefit the most? At what point is it recommended that an ACE inhibitor or ARB be […]

need a power point presentation hints for your slides excellent visuals for the topic background graphics and text complement the presentation and are congruent with the message of the presentation excellent notes note view are included or voice o

Outline 1.Abstract 2.Introduction a.Artificial Intelligence (AI) – What is it? b.Expert Systems (ES) c.Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) 3.How are Automated Decision Making Systems being utilized in various Corporations and Industries – An Evaluation a.The use of automated decision making systems in the world of Business Corporations b.Environment and Artificial Intelligence (AI) c.Use of AI in […]

unit 1 individual project 4

Big Data is everywhere and various businesses around the world are driven by Big Data. However, while some businesses rely on Big Data for organizational decision making, this does not mean that the implications and applications of Big Data are properly used to ensure optimal effectiveness for the organization For this scenario, you have been […]

this is a case study 13

Case Study 4: Google, Apple, and Facebook Battle for Your Internet Experience Textbook (Laudon & Laudon, 2019), Pages 267-269. Answer all the 5 case study questions listed on Page 269.