Business Ethics: Research Paper


Business will need to strike the right balance between making a profit, the law and respecting human rights. For your research paper, please discuss the facts and moral dimensions of the situation, then make proposals on how to do things better.

To this you will tell me: (1) what is the case the current situation then compare it to (2) what ought to be the case or how things should be if things were done the right way. You can prove your moral and legal case, by appealing values and the relevant policies, norms, standards or laws regulating that action. The book gives you a good start, to organize the moral issues – however you will need to refer to the relevant regulatory agency (i.e. CA Attorney general, DOJ, EPA, EUGDPR, etc…) to get the latest interpretations.

  1. Pick a current event topic (within 1 year). Here are some basic ideas.
    1. New technology, product, services or practices impact society.
    2. Good/Bad policy in the workplace.
    3. What the Corporate is doing…
  2. Topics may include but not be limited to topics found in chapter 6-11, for example work place practices such as hiring, firing, promotions, wellness programs, benefits, work conditions or pay. You may want to explore the company’s impact on society at large. Wearable technology, drones, body cameras should change privacy expectations and laws for example.
  3. To clearly identify and thoroughly talk about the central moral dimensions of the case, you will need to explicitly use the formal theory in your your arguments and show a grasp important ethical principle(s), by clearly articulate and defend them well against critique. For example, if you have a good argument about civil liberties will need to define liberty (chp2) or a paper on equality, will need to talk about Justice (chap 3).
  4. You must get the law(s) right. The chapter powerpoint will give you a basic legal framework, but you should go to the regulatory agency websites to get details.