write a respond paper


The news media today is much different than it was prior to the 1990’s with the development of new technology like cable television, the internet and social media. In the past, most people received their news from one of the three major television networks – ABC, NBC or CBS – or their city’s newspaper. Now, people have many more options to receive news, including cable news networks, many different websites and through social media like Twitter or Facebook. In this response paper, you should discuss whether you think these changes to the news media have been a good thing that benefits American politics or do you think these changes been a bad thing that are detrimental to American politics. When discussing whether you think the changes to the media have overall been a good or bad thing, you should be sure to discuss both the good aspects of the changes as well as the negative aspects. You should then weigh the positive changes with the negative changes to determine whether overall the changes to the news media have been a good or bad thing.

Full Marks requirement

The response identifies and weighs both the benefits and costs of these forms of media and lays out a clear, effective and convincing argument supported by evidence for why either the benefits or costs are more important