Annotated Bibliography


For this assignment, please write a one entry annotated bibliography on the Alexander George (1997) article from the Week 1 reading. Begin by providing a citation for it in the reference list format of the Turabian style. You can find some good resources for how to cite sources in Turabian within the APUS Library. Also, here is a link for Turabian style citation if it helps:…

Next, write a section that summarizes the problem addressed in the article, the purpose of the article and the conclusions made. In other words, why did the author decide to write this article? What does the author hope to achieve? What does the author argue and how does he support his argument? What did the author conclude in the end?

In the next section, critique the argument of the author. With which parts do you agree and/or disagree? Why? Please make sure to provide either factual, theoretical, or logical evidence to support your position. Please cite as appropriate using Turabian style of citation.

Your submission should be approximately 500-600 words in length, free from grammatical errors and demonstrate your understanding of the material and topic. Please upload your work as a .doc or .docx file.

Please remember that this assignment is due on Tuesday of Week 4 (11/27).


Citations for the article: /10

Summary of the article: /30

Critique of the findings of the author: /40

Writing (grammar/spelling): /20

Total: /100

(See attached for article)