World History I Essay Questions (esay!)


Help me answer 4 essay questions. YOU MUST BE GOOD AT HISTORY. DON’T JUST GOOGLE STUFF.

(I will provide the readings/documents after) but there are the 4 questions:

—–Question 1 (Source A) – 20 marks

What was Ashoka’s purpose in issuing these edicts? How do these edicts reflect Ashoka’s commitment to Buddhism?

—–Question 2 (Source B) – 30 marks

Explain, with close reference to the text, what Karl Jaspers means by the “Axial Age.” In organizing your overall answer, consider the following questions:

• Which three regions are part of the Axial Age?

• What are some characteristics of it? How was it different from the Age that came before it?

• What are the features of the “sociological situation showing analogies in all three regions”?

• What were the effects of the Axial Age?

—–Question 3 (Source C) – 20 marks

Describe what happens in this excerpt. What does it tell us about the Han Dynasty’s relations with the Xiongnu and Central Asia? What were the outcomes of Zhang Qian’s journey?

—-Question 4 (Source D) – 30 marks

What do Documents 1, 15, 16, 17, and 19 tell us about the causes of the First Crusade?


–You must show that you understand the sources and, if necessary, their contexts. Quote from them, describe them, or paraphrase them contents to support your answers.

–Each answer should be at least half a page, double-spaced. Questions 2 and 4 are worth more marks and thus your answers to them should be longer.