i need a paper about the MoMA Museum and how it attracts people in and the floor plan and various artifacts it exhibits


How is the museum organized?

Think about the physical structure as you move up and down the escalators, through the galleries, through doorways, etc. Why are certain images placed as the focus as you leave one gallery to enter another? Why are certain images hung next to or near one another?

Are certain art pieces privileged? How do you know?

For MoMA, where does Modern Art start? What story of Modernism does MoMA want to tell? Is this the story you agree with? How does MoMA tell its story? With images (which images)? With text? With galleries? With architecture? With floor level?

Look carefully at the current exhibition hang. Who is included? Who is excluded?

Where do visitors tend to congregate?

Why do you think people go to MoMA? Eavesdrop on conversations. Are the visitors to MoMA generally knowledgeable?

In addition, read the Duncan and Wallach essay. Do you think that the authors raise some valid points? Obviously the essay was written prior to the move into the new space. However, considering the critique of the floor plan, do you think that MoMA has addressed some of the issues noted by the authors?