Research topic: Africans and the Challenges Faced after the Abolition of Slavery and The Atlantic Slave Trade


attached is a detailed guide for this research paper. Please go through it and adhere to the guidelines. during the research and writing process, I will need you to supply me with your notes, information about the sources intended to be used, and the specific subject of the paper for us to discuss them, and also, as I need to turn them in as part of the assignment delivery.

I suggest the topic be a specific case study of a specific African american community after abolishing slavery.

I’ll need a rough draft completed by the evening of of the 29th of October comprising of general idea and outline, sample of possible sources, and some notes. I’ll provide you with feedback within 24 hours to proceed.

I’ll need a semi final draft completed by the evening of the 2nd of November after, and I’ll get back to you by the 4th if any last minute adjustments may be needed. also, provide me with any additional notes by that point (typed notes will be preferred)

I’ll need the final paper by the evening of the 6th of November.

don’t worry about the cover page

please avoid excessive redundancy in ideas and vocabulary