completing Lassi test


Module Twelve is a week for reflection and evaluation. You will measure how your study strategies have improved, reflect on these changes within the discussion, and complete the end-of- semester survey.

Part One: LASSI Post-Test

We have referred often to your results from the LASSI Pre-Test that you took at the start of the semester. Now, it is time to complete the LASSI Post-Test and reflect upon the changes you have made in your study strategies.

Please follow these directions:

  1. Locate your student key from the pre-test LASSI on the right-hand side of your previous LASSI results. If you don’t have a copy of the LASSI results, you can access it by going to the assignments folder from Module One, and clicking on the “submissions” column. This will open the document you submitted with your pre-test scores, and on the bottom row, you were directed to copy and paste your code; see if you did so. If you still can’t locate your student key, let me know, and I will look it up for you.
  2. Go to Under “second administration” fill in the following:School Number: 81269Use the student number that was issued the first time that you took the LASSI.
    1. As you complete the assessment, be thoughtful in your responses, reflecting the changes you have made this semester and what you intend to do in subsequent semesters.
    2. When you have your results, complete the chart that compares your old and new scores. If you need a reminder of what the LASSI categories mean, follow this link.
    3. There is also a reflection question to address below the chart.
    4. Upload the chart with your reflection response to the dropbox.

Here is how your grade for the LASSI post-test assignment will be determined:

Did you complete the chart with your pre- and post-test LASSI scores?

7 points

Did your reflection paragraph effectively evaluate your results?

8 points

Other considerations that will be reflected in overall grade:
Was your writing free of grammatical and stylistic errors?

15 points