Research paper using ASA format . 5-7 pages double spaced.


select one of the following questions.The paper will require you use the book and 2 to 4 outside sources.Book name is Sociology:The Essentials 9th Edition. The source can be obtained from magazines,newspapers, books and internet. Proper citations and reference page will be required. The style that you should use to write your paper is ASA format. Your paper should be 5-7double space pages, not including the cover page and reference page, no abstract required. The font should be Times New Roman 12.

1.Poverty is a topic that often discussed in two positions, blaming the poor or blaming the social structure. Choose one of the position and discuss. Remember the position you choose has a positive or negative side, choose one.

2. Discuss “social stratification” in the U.S. What are the effects of stratification in issues of race,class or gender?

3. Discuss Dependency Theory.Choose an American Corporation and discuss how it has contributed to this issue.

4. Stereotyping plays a major role on how we view others, Media plays an important role in the issue. Choose a stereotype and discuss how media influence the stereotype(ex. Blacks are better athletes.)

5. How does the media influence prejudice and discrimination? Give an example.

6.Discuss inequality in health care. Choose race, class, or gender and discuss.

7. Discuss “self-fulfilling prophecy” Give an example of how this idea affects education.

8.” 50 shades of gray” is a popular book and movie. Discuss how this affects sex and power role in U.S. society.

9.Birth control is a choice that women should decide. Should men be involved in the birth control debate? Why or why not?

10.Discuss whether you should marry or just live together?

11. What is the significance of Religion as a Social Institution? Use Sociological Perspective to discuss this.