degrading women


Find a current article (within the past 12 months…no earlier) that illustrates the devaluation of women in our country. This can occur in many ways. Be prepared to explain how the devaluation is occurring.

This article must come from a reasonable source. It can be a news source, but please check the credibility of the source (because I will!). I do not want official data(that’s too easy). I want everyday types of stories that happen frequently.

After finding and reading the article, answer the questions below:

  • Summarize the article.
  • What type of devaluing of girls and women is taking place?
  • How does this type of undervaluing of women compare to what we saw in the film?
    • Draw parallels between the two (they don’t have to be the same, think critically!).
    • Compare the attitudes towards women in both.
  • In what way is your article proving the point that men are valued more than women in the United States?
  • Look in your textbook to find where it discusses the subject matter of your article.
    • How is the article supported by your text?
    • If it isn’t supported by your text, explain reasons for the exclusion.
    • Cite your text within your write up.
  • Have a strong conclusion to your write up. This is a short essay, treat it as such.

Consider these questions to be SHORT ESSAY questions, NOT single sentence answers. You may cite the article when necessary, but these topics should be discussed academically in your own words.