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Research Paper Topics and Readings

Research Paper Process

Choose a topic from one of the subjects from Prose we have discussed in class. These include stereotyping, disabilities, multitasking, reading literature, reading online vs. reading traditional formats, bilingual education, why people read less than they used to, child rearing, cultural differences, and gender bias. Think of related topics to this list as well.

MLA format, 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, double spaced, header, regular margins, title, no title page necessary.

Use at least four credible sources IN ADDITION TO your Prose reading. These sources MUST include at least one scholarly journal source, and can include no more than one CREDIBLE website. The library session will clarify credible sources.

Works Cited page.

Length: At least four full pages PLUS a works cited page

See the library research guide for more help with finding sources:

Try EBSCO, Opposing Viewpoints, SIRS–but you don’t have to stick to these alone.

Step one: Attend research session on Monday, October 29 in library computer lab, on first floor of library on the main campus.

Step two, due Wednesday October 31: Using Rules p. 70-75, summarize one of the Prose readings we’ve done in class in a typed, double spaced paragraph. Then, state whether you agree or disagree with the author’s position on your topic. Then, state your research question.

Step three: Bring a four paragraph rough draft of your paper to the drafting session in the computer lab. You can save your draft on a thumb drive, draft on Google Docs, or email the file to yourself. You will need to show me a full draft, or you will lose points.

Step four: Bring the revised rough draft to class for peer editing.

Step five: Meet in computer lab and revise/redraft essay

Step six: Turn in your final research paper draft.

You must turn in a tutor slip or peer review sheet with your rough draft and final draft, or you will lose points.

Please note that these dates are tentative and depend on getting access to the computer lab.