Art and history paper about Arabic calligraphy.


write 5 to 8 pages (or more) about Arabic calligraphy.


  • Format: MLA
  • The paper is both about art and history so it needs to include both aspects. Start with the history (how/where/when/by whom it began). Describe possible religious/political reasons behind it. Compare it with the type of art came before it and current version of Arabic calligraphy. Then talk about the artistic features; pick some important pieces and talk about them and the artist(s) who made them.
  • make sure the introduction is interesting (imagine yourself introducing a movie)
  • the last sentence of the introduction should clearly state your thesis, what the paper is about and how are you going to handle the topic.
  • use a minimum of 5 sources: 3 books and 2 articles (or more)
  • You may include some pictures