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I chose Shaken Baby Syndrome as the topic but if you decide on a different one that will be okay as well.


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Students are required to choose a “controversial” topic in child maltreatment and conduct a literature review exploring multiple sides of the issue. Students are required to review a minimum of 4 scholarly journal articles for this assignment. This assignment MUST be APA format. DO NOT plagiarize this assignment! Below are some resources to help with APA and writing the literature review. If you have questions, please contact me for assistance.

Writing a short literature review.pdf

Purdue APA.pdf

Possible broad topics for this assignment are: All other topicsMUST BE APPROVED by the instructor!!!!

  • Shaken baby syndrome
  • Alternative response vs. traditional investigations
  • Parental rights vs. parents patriae
  • Laws holding parents responsible for allowing children to witness Domestic violence
  • Family preservation vs. out-of-home placement
  • Physical Discipline/Corporate Punishment
  • Grandparent’s rights/visitation
  • Laws allowing parents to forego medical treatment for religious beliefs
  • Obesity as a form of child abuse
  • Single parents in the military – deployment vs. neglect/abandonment
  • Repressed/recovered memories of child abuse
  • Same sex foster/adoptive parents
  • Parent Alienation Syndrome