Legal System


In our daily lives, we all come in contact with the legal system. It could be through a speeding ticket or a parking ticket. This assignment is two parts:

1st Part:

Find a federal administrative rule that applies to a function of an item located in your home.

Find a regulation that relates to the importation or exportation of food.

Give the name of the agency responsible for the issuance of student visas and state which office takes the lead in this role.

State the name of a legal case, along with its Bluebook citation, that was decided within the last three years and cited to a federal regulation.

2nd Part:

Provide a one-paragraph summary of a legal case decided in your state’s federal court that involved the interpretation of a regulation. List the legal name and Bluebook citation. Provide the agency responsible for the issuance of student visas and which office takes the lead role in this process.

Support your response using the Learning Resources and other scholarly resources.


Mansfield, J.W. (2015). Hairston, P. (2007). Researching Current Federal Legislation and Regulations: A Guide to Resources for Congressional Staff. Retrieved from

Optional Resources


Official US Executive Branch A–Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies