History 11 Mid Term British American Conflict


History 11 Mid Term essay questions


Discuss each question in at least 550-600 words each. Be aware that due to the fact you know the questions ahead of time I do expect your responses to be very thorough and detailed. Responses should draw from the textbook and discussions. Most common question from students is the required length of the essay. Answer: I am not looking at quantity, I am looking for quality. Again, BE THOROUGH and detailed.

3) Trace the development of the British-American conflict up to 1776. Could the relationship have been saved? (book Chapters 5 and 6)

6) In the 1790s, why did the revolutionary political leaders become divided over the course of the new nation? What was the result? ( book Chapter 8)

the textbook that we are using is this https://cnx.org/contents/p7ovuIkl@6.16:0lLioyXu@8/…


A = Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the topic including details of relative events.

B = Demonstrates a good understanding of the topic including details of many of the relative events.

C = Demonstrates a limited understanding of the topic, does not provide necessary details and may have factual errors.

D = Demonstrates a poor understanding of the topic and is incomplete. May have factual errors.

F = Incomplete, lacking an understanding of the topic and lacks details.