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We have been looking at the representations of how sex and the city is defined for women. These images in the popular media have been and still are largely white washed. For this post please discuss how “sex & the city” (by this I am not referring to the TV show) is defined for women of color?I have posted readings on the Miss America scandal involving the first black Miss America, Vanessa Williams. As you read in the PBS transcript a lot of people thought this was no coincidence. They argued many women have posed nude in this industry(beauty, modeling, acting) to try and get a career started, however some felt they looked for her pictures because she was black. Please use examples from the current popular culture that illustrate how women of color are portrayed in regards to sexuality. I used an example of black women but you are welcome to use examples from other racial or ethnic groups. Please be specific in your examples trying not to replicate what others have already posted.


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