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write two page argumentative essay and reference two scholarly articles

Argumentative/Persuasive Essay The title for my essay is Do you favor government-mandated encryption backdoors? Make sure everything is your work/no plagiarism, I have to submit the assignment in safe assign for plagiarism check. include the counter argument on the essay. Include elements of the “they say / I say” paradigm.Include at least two sources.Include an […]

designing ferpa technical safeguards 5

Imagine you are an Information Security consultant for a small college registrar’s office consisting of the registrar and two assistant registrars, two student workers, and one receptionist. The office is physically located near several other office spaces. The assistant registrars utilize mobile devices over a wireless network to access student records, with the electronic student […]

read the chapter and then answer the chapter discussion questions

Discussion – Chapter 7: Warehousing You have to read and understand Chapter 7: Warehousing, which can be found in the attached textbook Logistics Management. Chapter 7 Warehousing is starting from page 252 to 278 from the attached textbook. Then, you need to do the following: – [Once a warehouse location decision is made,] How does […]

case study on intel mobileye merge

Intel/Mobileye – $15.3bn Intel — which was recently overtaken by Samsung as the world’s largest chipmaker — has made a major move into the autonomous driving space with its acquisition of Israeli visual sensor company Mobileye in August. Through the merger, Intel is looking to position itself as a leader in what is undoubtedly one […]

loyalty program analysis

Choose (2) existing loyalty programs for detailed analysis. Provide a deep dive of each of the rewards/loyalty program concepts, engagement tools, and outreach tactics. Evaluation criteria: Full understanding of the (2) loyalty programs (i.e. goals, benefits, target, incentives, and engagement tactics) Comprehensive analysis and comparison of each program and recommendations for success You can choose […]

organized outline

I have been working on a project (43 pages), and I got this massage from my prof: I want to see a true outline of what you would do if this topic is approved. This means specific detailed steps need to be written in an organized outline. Details are required. So, I want somebody to […]

addiction discussion post

In a Word document, address the following prompts: Elaborate on etiology, stressors, problems of addiction, dependence, and relapse in the U.S. currently. Discuss potential objective physical and mental examination findings when examining a client with a substance abuse issues with rationales. Discuss the neurobiological mechanism that underlies the addictive behavior reinforcing properties. What are the […]

adolescence sexuality

Adolescence: Sexuality Female adolescent sexuality has long been a cause of concern for parents. In the United States, female adolescents are given a mix of messages. On one hand, they see media stars their age expressing their sexuality by wearing skimpy clothing and acting provocatively. On the other hand, parents may discourage their developing sexuality […]

topic sustainable technology mobile telephone and security challenges in medication delivery and management system in the developing countries case study

Topic: Sustainable Technology – Mobile Telephone and Security Challenges – In Medication Delivery and Management System in the Developing Countries Case study. Your final research paper assignment is to write a research paper that explains how defense-in-depth (chapter 6) and awareness (chapter 10) are complimentary techniques to detect emerging threats and strengthen countermeasures. To complete […]