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We continually hear about interest groups in the news. Understanding this, what is the relationship between interest groups and government? How does this apply to government-created interest groups? In addition, what are the effects of bureaucrats as interest groups? Do you believe this crossover between bureaucrats and interest groups to be right? Please be sure to provide specific examples in your response. This discussion question focuses on political parties and interest groups.

Along with your textbook reading for the week, here’s some additional reading to consider about political parties and interest groups:

Gregory Sember, “Political Parties and Interest Groups,” You Tube, April 21, 2011.

Political Parties & Interest Groups (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Political Parties & Interest Groups

Remember to use an outside source in the main post, which needs to be submitted on or before Wednesday.

Please also remember that the original post must be at least 300 words. You must also use the book.