Eng1101 Narrative Essay of a personal experience


500 words! in 12pt. font(Times New Roman), double-spaced, 2018 MLA format.

Avoid grammatical errors.References must not beyond 15% of the content of the essay, and must add the original reference materials at the end of the essay.

Choose a subject appropriate for a narrative essay, using one specific experience from your own life.

Your body paragraphs will take the reader through the story itself; your introduction and conclusion will situate the story.

You will use first person in this essay.

Bring your description skills to your work! I look forward to seeing your richly describe the setting, characters, and actions.

Dialogue is acceptable but not necessary. I’d rather have you write the scenes and events without significant or lengthy dialogue.

Make sure that you follow the narrative arc and have the story grow from a central problem that provides the story’s purpose and exigence.