writing essay 300-400 words


WE 1: Overarching topic/theme:

This task requires you to produce roughly 300 – 400 words to write about the overarching topic/theme on which you can do your projects. Your writings should explore the reasons behind your choice, give evidence of your interest, and tell what areas of that topic theme you want to explore. Also, pay attention to grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Note that, this is not a final choice and you can change your topic anytime. So do not sweat about it much. Just think about topics/themes that you want to know more about at this moment.

This assignment is due Friday, Saturday 1122019 by 11:59 p.m. You should submit your writing exercise by turning it in here and also upload it in your folder for Writing Exercises.

Please be sure to turn it in and upload your file in an accessible format (preferably google doc). Also, please name your file using the following convention: yourlastname_WE_1.

This assignment will be graded using a five-point scale based on the writing exercises rubric on page xiii of Work in Progress.

5 means the writing is well developed, original, and succeeds in mastering new techniques and knowledge. The writing shows risks that work.

4 means the writing has been done with considerable care and attention. It is developed and detailed.

3 means that the writing is acceptable. The student needs to spend more time or thought on the assignment

2 means that the writing is unacceptable. It maybe unfinished, inappropriate to the assignment, or written hastily.

1 means the student did not turn in any writing. (Please note: Late assignments are unacceptable