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For the assignments- Three detailed paragraphs. One quote with quotation marks and cited APA from the book in each of three paragraphs is mandatory. So each paragraph has a quote with quotation marks and cited in APA from the book (three quotes minimum from the book for the assignment). Then discuss the quote by quoting or paraphrasing from at least one of your other sources in each of three paragraphs. Each paragraph has a quote from the book and at least one cited paraphrase or quote from another source. Four total sources for the assignment!


Assignment Ideas pick one or multiple or answer one or multiple discussion questions at the end of each chapter, you can discuss one discussion question in all three paragraphs or you can answer more than one discussion question:

Suppose that you want something very much but that when you get it, you are completely disappointed. Why does this case raise a problem for the desire satisfaction theory? What might a desire satisfaction theorist say in response? Do you find this reply convincing?

Can something be good for you, even if you don’t want it? How do you think the desire theorist would respond to (supposed) instances of this?