Write a essay about Asian Arts.(choose one topic from these below) (At least 3 pages)


1.Chinese Bronze Essay

Explain the significance of bronze in Early Chinese culture.

How are bronzes made and used in ancient China? What specific functions do ritual bronze vessels serve? How and why are they important to the Chinese?

Define and explain Max Loehr’s five phases in the development of Shang bronzes.

Discuss the significance of bronzes during the Shang, Zhou, and Han periods. How do the bronze objects of these periods differ in style and function?

Use specific examples to illustrate your points.

2. Ancient Asian Tomb Essay

Explain the cultural significance and symbolic meaning of ancient Asian burials.

Compare two Asian tombs/burials (from two different periods or cultures). Describe and compare the two burials. How do they represent the cultures and beliefs of their respective times and places?

Give specific examples of items placed in the tombs. What do these burials reveal about life styles and situations of their occupants?

3.Ancient Asian Traveler Essay

You are a traveler in ancient Asia. Describe yourself, your homeland and the time you live in. (Must start in Asia during a historical period.) Explain your motivation(s) for travel to a distant land.

Choose your final destination. Describe your journey. What do you encounter along the way? Upon arrival, what do you find? How does it compare to your native home? In what ways is it similar and different from home? What do you appreciate most there? What do you miss about home? How do you adjust to the new environment?

After a period of some duration decide to stay or return home. Give reasons for staying or returning home. If you stay, what aspects of your former culture would you bring to your new home? If you return home, what would you bring back? Why?

4. Qin Essay

Choose a role to play during the Qin dynasty. Advisor or Opponent to the First Emperor. Describe yourself. Give reasons for supporting or opposing him.

Advisor. How can you best serve him. What advice would you give him to succeed in his plans? How might he respond to your advices? How and why might you be punished or rewarded?

Opponent. How can you defeat him? How would you recruit forces to join you? What are his weaknesses and strengths? How can you use them to achieve your goals? How and why do you succeed or fail?

Include in the essay information about Qin Shihuangdi—his person, his achievements, his contributions to Chinese history and culture. What do his actions reveal about his personality, ambitions, and aspirations? Evaluate the successes and failures of his reign.

5. Hindu Essay

The lost temple of a previously unknown Hindu deity has been discovered in a recent excavation.

Fully describe and explain this Hindu god or goddess. What is his/her role?

Describe his/her distinctive physical characteristics. (Manner of dress; Attributes; Numbers of heads and arms; Vehicle) How are they related to his/her unique role or responsibilities

Explain some of his/her other forms. When and why does he/she take these other forms?

Who are his/her children/consorts? What are their physical forms and attributes.

Explain his/her relationship to other gods and humans.

Finally, explain how his god/goddess is important in the Hindu tradition.