Write 5 paragraph


In this assignment you will choose 5 sources which will be used in your term paper. For each source you will write 1 paragraph. The paragraph will be a summary of the source. Students will not refer to the abstract of the source.

1. Each page begin with title with source. 2. Each paragraph have 200-250 words. 3. Double Spence, 12 size, time new Roman. 4. Each paragraph should have three sporting points. 5. Total at least 5 pages.

I give you 4 sources topic, you can choice the fifth topic in the next 20 topic which I didn’t used. You can use my resources to write paragraph or you can chose other resources with same title which I give you.

First topic: Why is translation so difficult?

Second topic: Animal communication https://www.khanacademy.org/science/biology/behavi… ( for this one you can choice other resource with same topic)

Third topic: The use of slang in English. ( you can find a resource)

Fourth topic: English and the Internet

Fifth topic: You can chose any topic in the 20 topic which I did not used and you can find any resource about that topic.