What Is My Theory?


Over the past three weeks, you have learned about behavioral, cognitive, and social learning theories and constructivist theories. In this assignment you have the opportunity to reflect on the four major learning theories you have been introduced to, and how they fit with your views and your experiences in learning and teaching. This is a part of building a foundation of theory, along with an understanding of how the learning theories are relevant in many areas of life as you learn and as you teach or guide others. Applying learning theories can assist you in developing professional competence in any field of work.


For this assignment, Write a reflection on which theories best fit with your way of understanding and experiencing learning. In your paper, include:

  1. A summary of chosen learning theories (from the four major learning theories).
  2. Describe how the theories match your own understanding and experiences of learning.
  3. Provide personal or professional examples that illustrate the relationship between the theory or theories and your experiences of learning. Since this assignment is a reflection of your experiences, it is acceptable to write in first person.
  4. Describe a specific time when you had difficulty learning something. It could be an academic task, a game, a job duty, or a new skill. Explain how understanding and application of one or more of the learning theories and concepts from the theories would have been helpful in learning the task. (For example, if you were learning multiplication, but had not yet mastered addition and subtraction, a teacher who understood your zone of proximal development and used scaffolding to help you master addition and subtraction could have helped to resolve the concern.)

Submission Requirements

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
  • Number of resources: A minimum of two current scholarly or professional resources.
  • Length of paper: 3–4 typed, double-spaced pages, not including the title page or references.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12-point.