watch movies and answer questions


For this assignment you must watch 1 movies The Blind Side and answer the following intercultural questions the following textbook will help you answer the questions,so only bid if you have access to the following text book : TEXTBOOK: Communication Between Cultures, Samovar, 9TH ed., Samovar, L., Porter, R., McDaniel, E., Wadsworth, ISBN:13- 978-1-285-44462-8. Should be 3 pages not including cover and reference pages

Here are the questions:

  • Give examples of how understanding (or not) the non-verbal communication improved or hindered the intercultural exchanges.
  • Provide messages observed by the characters regarding skin color, religion, type of attire, perception of beauty.
  • List stereotypes found in each movie. Why do we favor stereotypes? Are they harmful to human interaction? Why? Give examples.
  • What evidence of assigned face, face manipulation and face changed by the surroundings or received messages did you encounter? Describe carefully.
  • Give examples of dialect, jargon/branding, argot, slang or profanity. Be specific – which character uses it – in what context? Is it appropriate for the scene? Why or why not?
  • Discuss appearance, body posturing, tone of voice, paralanguage examples, unintentional messages. Give examples.
  • Give the cultural/socioeconomic background of the main characters. include age, education, gender, expression of emotions, idiosyncracies, eye contact.
  • Name the six universal facial expressions and provide a description of two or more that you saw in the movie, by who and in what circumstances