United nations Speech .


Country : the United States.

presenting as : Donald trump

Imagine you are the current president of the United States, Donald trump. You are giving a speech in front of the UN ( United Nations ). Giving information about the refugees situation in your country and mentioning all information regarding that matter. Including statistics and numbers with facts about the present situation. Former decisions and their impact on the country regarding refugee regulation in the U.S.

You are tasked to write a 5 minutes speech as Donald trump in front of the UN. The criteria in uploaded in the files. your prepared positions should highlight the historical context. They should also contain a detailed review of the current situation, parties involved, attempts at diplomacy (which maneuvers) as well as any foreseen possibilities at overcoming the situation, based on your country’s stance.

Please follow the instructions carefully and write the speech in single spaced pages. Include your references in APA style at the end.