Understanding Types of Film – Deadpool 2 Analysis


Film Genre: Understanding Types of Film

Before you begin this task: 

Watch Deadpool (dir. Tim Miller, 2016), as having some knowledge of the first instalment in the series would help you better understand Deadpool 2. 

Watch the sequel, Deadpool 2 (dir. David Leitch, 2018). 

Read Study Unit 2 and the relevant chapter from your textbook. (Will send to writer privately)

Read the PowerPoint slides on “Action Genre: The Superhero Film.”  (Will send to writer privately)

Read the document called “Checklist on effective statements of theme.” It is uploaded in the Canvas L-folder under “Modules.” (Will send to writer privately)

In the opening montage of Deadpool 2, Deadpool says: “Believe it or not, Deadpool 2 is a family film. True story. And every good family film starts with a vicious murder. Bambi, The Lion King, Saw 7” (07:13-07:24).

In light of the quote, examine Deadpool 2 (dir. David Leitch, 2018) and discuss how the film draws on genre elements to present the idea of family. Support your argument by analysing at least two scenes from the film. Your answer must demonstrate first-hand knowledge of the film and, where relevant, contextual evidence from external sources. You should also briefly comment on why you think this film might or might not appeal to the Singapore audience.

You should write between 800-900 words. Write down the minutes or seconds you picked the scene.