Two Essays Review.



This is an assignment for two different essays. In meaning, Review Each essay separately, At LEAST 250 for each. And please do not write as paragraphs style. write the responses in numerical way in regards to the guidelines.


Read and respond to your partner’s essay, answering the following questions in complete sentences. Write at least 250 words in response.*Complete at least two peer reviews to get credit on this assignment, even if that means selecting another student if your partner did not post.*

Is the essay formatted according to MLA guidelines—heading, header and page number, titles correctly in quotes or italicized, etc?

  1. Intro: is the essay structured with a clear introduction that has an attention-getter, introduces the book/story, author, issue, etc?
  2. Is there a thesis/claim that states what issue will be addressed and includes some sort of argument or So What? clause? Example thesis: “Although passing may grant characters like Clare or Bruce temporary advantages, the need to pass reveals painful, systemic oppression that the novels suggest should be rooted out.”
  3. Quote use: Is each quotation integrated seamlessly? Is it introduced, linked with the paragraph’s contents (signal phrase) and, if needed, cited correctly?
  4. Is each quotation explained thoroughly?
  5. Quote use, cont’d: if your partner has paraphrased (put the ideas in his or her own words), is it truly in your partner’s own words? Has he given credit to the author? If you’re reading and suspect an idea has come from an outside source that hasn’t been cited, ask your partner.
  6. Conclusion: does the conclusion gracefully bring the essay to a close? Is there a thoughtful, logically-deduced conclusion about the research topic? Remember, also, that conclusions shouldn’t introduce new materiaIs there a correctly-formatted works cited page? Explain.
  7. What is the best thing about your partner’s essay at this point?
  8. What is the most important change your partner could make at this point?