Thought Piece-Research paper


Thought Piece-Research paper (350 points) Due date-July 18th, 2018

This course requires an APA research paper. This writing assignment encourages you to think about the material in this course while connecting it to the real world. The thought piece will focus on critically assessing the components of linguistically and culturally relevant, inclusive, age-appropriate, anti-bias approaches in promoting optimum learning and development. You will research current idealistic teaching methods in anti-bias approaches that elicit learning, and boost a child’s self-esteem. Essentially you will be creating an anti-bias learning environment. Key components you need to address.

üWhat is anti-bias curriculum?

üWhat do the experts say regarding anti-bias curriculum?

üHow can you create an anti-bias environment?

üWhy is anti-bias curriculum important?

üConclusion (reflect upon your discoveries)

APA formatting:

APA format assistance is available on numerous websites. This is one of the most user friendly sites:

*Formatting your paper: In Word, select the top left hand corner multi-colored circle, select New, type in the search box “APA template”, select APA paper format, download, and insert/replace the information in the template with your own information for the paper.

Research Paper basics:

*You will need to have 4 resources for the paper of which 1 may be your text.

*Your paper should be at least four separate pages of content (separate from the title page)

*APA requires Times New Roman 12 font

*APA title page

*APA reference page

*In-text citations in APA format

*NO abstract is necessary.

Further information can be found regarding APA at