The Research Question and Hypothesis


This week, we examined research questions, theories, and hypotheses. We learned that parsimony, productiveness, falsifiability, fertility, and replicability are essential characteristics within the research process. In addition, we learned that research questions usually fall into one of four types: normative, hypothetical, factual/procedural, or empirical. Additionally, theory is the backbone of all research and is the causal mechanism that connects the independent variable to the dependent variable. Finally, a valid hypothesis enables researchers to identify observable implications and make predictions about relationships between the variables. This assignment allows you to evaluate an academically sound, published, professional research question and hypothesis. This assignment is great practice that will enhance your own political science research skills.

Write: In your essay of at least 1000 words, based on your assigned paper, complete the following:

  • Explain whether the research question is a normative, hypothetical, factual/procedural, or empirical question.
  • Assess whether the research question is clearly specified.
  • Analyze the validity of the theory (theories) used to support the hypothesis.
  • Describe how the variables in the hypothesis can be operationalized.

The Research Question and Hypothesis paper

  • Must be at least 1000 words (not including title and references pages)
    • Must include a separate title page with the following:
      • Title of paper
      • Student’s name
      • Course name and number
      • Instructor’s name
      • Date submitted
    • Must use at least five appropriate sources.
      • These could include the article, the course text, and any of the required or recommended resources for this week.

  • Must document all sources in APA style