Stedman’s Annoyances and Reflection


Please read the attached link and respond to the questions below.

In his article, Stedman highlights several annoying ways that people use sources. In your own words, describe in 1-3 sentences what each annoyance that I have listed is and how we can avoid this problem in our own writing.

The annoyances: Armadillo Roadkill, Dating Spider-Man, Uncle Barry and his Encyclopedia of Useless Information, Am I in the Right Movie?, I Can’t Find the Stupid Link, and I Swear I did Some Research!

Then, write 30-50 words about the annoyance that you find yourself being trapped in most often and how you plan to break out of it for this paper.

on a separate document


Please freewrite on Thanksgiving or a holiday that you celebrate. I’d love to know: What are some traditions that you follow, what is your favorite Thanksgiving food (mine is jello and mashed potatoes. My mom also makes killer rolls!), do you go Black Friday shopping, do you watch the parade in the morning, or, if you don’t celebrate or wont be celebrating, what is your Thanksgiving going to look like this year?