Sources of western society Document analysis


Write a 4-5 page Document Analysis based on one of the documents we have read in Sources of Western Society Do not write on any of the documents we covered early in the course, i.e. no papers on Gilgamesh or Hammurabi. Your task is to show how the document you select sheds light on the period during which it was written. In other words, what does the document show about an event, socio-economic relationships, ideas or religious sentiments during the period we have studied?

Do not just assert what you think to be true – you need to quote or paraphrase from the document to show exactly how the document supports the position you are asserting

Caldwell. Sources of Western Society. vol. 1. Third edition. (book)


Tacitus Germania

Tacitus On Augustus

Dictatus Papae

Magna Carta

Urban II Speech at Clermont