sociology writing


Please answer ONE of the following topics. The format and expectations for this assignment is the same as for the first assignment. I’ve listed them at the bottom of this page for your reference.

1. Over a week span, examine what you throw away in terms of garbage. Keep a log of what you throw away. Write down a copy of that log to turn in and then based on that log analyze what your garbage says about American culture sociologically.

2. Which of the following, using sociological analysis, will have more of an impact on socialization in the future: gender, race, social class, or technology?

3. How does the development of information technology, e.g. the internet, social media, cell phones, affect sociology as a social science?

4. Go to the following website:

You will need to have a flash plug in to be able to listen to all the sounds but you can download one from the main page on the site.

Once you enter the site, I want you to listen to the sounds of animals as performed by children from different societies around the world. Based on these sounds, please discuss and explain sociologically why some of the sounds for the same animals are so different from one country to the next.

There are no page minimums or maximums for these assignments, i.e. you can write for as little or as long as you think you need to to fully answer this prompt. That being said, these topics are designed so that you can give a complete and comprehensive answer in 3-4 pages.

The key points to remember and include in your essay are as follows:

1. make sure that your answer is using sociology accurately and consistently.

2. use the sociological perspective in your answer rather than a simple personal response, like how would sociology go about coming up with an explanation?

3. discuss the role of social science methodology in terms of having sociologists using a systematic process based on empirical data and analysis.

*let me know if you have any questions about this… I’m confused and quite don’t know how to answer all those key points and which topic should I pick