sociology question


Part I:

  1. What is meant by Self fulfilling prophecy?
  1. What is meant by Social Interactionism?
  1. What is meant by Social Exchange Theory?

What positive and negative implications does the book outline relative to Online Interaction and how it has changed relationships?

Part II

Schools are a major player in socializing and developing positive patterns of human interactions, values and attitude in the socialization process.

Thinking Assignment: You can download the article—Why Schools Don’t Educateby JohnGatto;by Googling the title and author.

PART II Read John Gatos Article Why Schools Don’t Educate: a) Summarize the article and list a couple of points you agree, or disagree with. B) If you were in the business of assessing the quality of a school relative to its success with students; how would you go about assessing a schools quality?

Part III Google the article on Self as Sentiment and Reflectionby Charles Horton Cooley. You can access the article by Googling: untitled Cooley looking glass self pdf

Read the articles and describe Cooley’s theoretical process whereby the concept of “Self” comes from.