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Answer the following questions. For the first question, your answer should be written in a 5-paragraph essay (Intro, 3 body Paragraphs, and conclusion). Questions 2 and 3 can be answered using a full paragraph.

-Must be in MLA format..

-Must have good grammar.

  1. While the use of words like “man” or “mankind” to refer to all humans is fairly easily identifiable as evidence of a default preference toward men in our language, some commonly used words are more tricky. In what ways do feminine nicknames like “cupcake” or “baby doll,” or even derogatory terms like “heifer” or “cow,” perpetuate gender stereotypes and inequality?
  2. What are some of the ways that families teach their children the behaviors and expectations that are associated with gender?
  3. Why did the “mancession” affect men more adversely than women?