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Sociology is the study of how humans interact in society (Newman, 2017). The purpose of this discussion is to describe the importance of sociological imagination and define the three main theoretical perspectives.

The sociological imagination allows individuals to see the bigger picture of the forces that cause people to act the way they do (Newman, 2017). For example, divorce has become a big issue in recent times. For some people, divorce can seem almost normal because society has made it that way. In the nursing profession, the sociological imagination is important because it allows nurses to be aware of the historical and cultural aspects that affect a person’s situation and behavior.

There are three main perspectives on social order: structural functionalism, conflict perspective, and symbolic interactionism. Structural functionalists view society as a large system that is made up of many smaller parts (Newman, 2017). Structural functionalism relies on institutions such as educational facilities to train people to become useful members of society so that society can continue to thrive (Newman, 2017). Conflict perspective focuses on the struggles of society (Newman, 2017). Conflict sociologist believe that elements of society do not collectively make things run smoothly (Newman, 2017). Lastly, symbolic interactionism understands society by examining the interactions between people (Newman, 2017).

In nursing, symbolic interactionism is relevant. A big part of nursing involves communicating with patients, especially when it comes to gathering a health history and performing a physical assessment. By having face to face interactions with patients, nurses find out crucial information that can guide a patient’s plan of care. Using the symbolic interactionism perspective also allows nurses to be aware of a patient’s life experiences and how their experiences affected their health.

In conclusion, sociology is important to describe the events that occur in society. Sociological perspectives can easily be applied to nursing. The three main perspectives describe how society works from different viewpoints Overall, symbolic interactionalism can be applied to nursing because of a nurse’s emphasis on communication.


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