Sociological perspective


Paper #1–Sociological Perspective

Due: 25 Sep 2018 at 2:30 PM

For this assignment, you will need to view the video below and watch it carefully with the eyes of a sociologist. After viewing the video, write a college-level quality, minimum two-three page paper in which you analyze the behavior viewed in the video using the sociological perspective. To review what the sociological perspective is, read chapter one and review your notes from the first several days of class, and use the handout given out in class. This is a practice paper to prepare you for the final paper.

Begin your paper with a description of what the sociological perspective is. There are two main points to cover in explaining the sociological perspective. Then analyze the behavior in the video using the sociological perspective. There are some obvious points to make as the video gives obvious sociological cues.

However, I want you to use more than just the simple cues given in the video. Think about the social location (categories) of the perpetrators, the victims, and the broader social context that allows this to be a social issue to begin with. Keep in mind social location is NOT referring to geographical location. You should be able to provide at least three examples of using the sociological perspective in explaining the behavior.

All papers will be scanned through “VeriCite” which checks for plagiarism and archives a copy of your paper. For this paper, please do not use any of the theories, analyze the behavior using your sociological imagination and by using the broad lens of the sociological perspective. This paper is worth 25 points.

What do I mean by “college-level quality paper?” Please read the handout I have created under “Assignments.”

Please print and out refer to this rubric to know how your paper will be graded. Please upload your paper by 8:00am on Tuesday, September 25th and you must bring a hard copy to class on that morning.