Short Paper on Primary Resource


I would like help with an Short paper on Primary Source. I would like help about Culture in the Islamic World . The Ottoman Cultural Synthesis. My short paper needs to be in the Ottoman culture.

1. The thesis is clearly identified in the first paragraph

of the paper in bold letters and the thesis is relevant and relates to the
historical context for this class
2. You paper is analytical and utilizes the Degrees of
Analytical Complexity throughout.
3. You have clearly explained the purpose and focus of the
paper. The paper cannot be a summary of the primary source. ( see video and
read the assignment)
4. At the top of the paper place the following: “My primary
source is ________________________ and it relates to this class
specific)__________. It can be found at this URL.”
Then list the hyperlink of the URL.
5. My thesis is_______________________________________ Be
sure it is a real thesis and not a simple summary of the events/arguments in
the primary source you have chosen.