Short Essay Writing (2 pages) [Thinking for Yourself by Marlys Mayfield, 9th edition, Cengage, 2014]


You have to read the book “Thinking for Yourself by Marlys Mayfield, 9th edition, Cengage, 2014″ before and have the book

Finish Reading CH1.

Follow the instructions on pp. 22-24, planning to take detailed notes on your observations of a fruit or vegetable (and your own inner process) for at least one hour (set an alarm), and then writing a two-page final draft as described in #8, as a report or a narrative.

As the instructions point out, this is NOT an easy assignment. Like Scudder, you may it difficult to maintain focus. You will almost certainly have to struggle to persist in conscious awareness without becoming bored or even angry. Recognize the emotions and record them as you force yourself to return to concentrating on your sensory observations.

If you have been trained in art, laboratory sciences, military intelligence, etc, you may already be skilled in this kind of observation, but if you have only rarely been asked to rely on your senses for an extended period of time, you may have to stifle frustration or distraction again and again. Eventually, like Scudder, you may find great satisfaction in mastering the ability to remain in purposeful exploratory present-centered mental activity.