schizophrenia Discussion Queries


Answer the questions + then you need to reply to 2 of my classmates posts

A) What’s in your genes?

Imagine that you are a young man who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia in the past, but you are on medication now, and your are leading a fulfilling, successful life. You have recently married, and now want to have children. Would you want your wife to become pregnant, adopt, use a donation from a sperm bank, or would you give up your desire for parenthood? If you and your wife did become pregnant (in the traditional way), would you seek prenatal diagnosis? Briefly explain your decisions.

1.My classmates posts:

I’d discuss with my wife what she feels is comfortable for her. If she understands that a biological child between her and I could result in a schizophrenic child and is okay with it, I would have a biological child. If we did conceive a child, I would seek prenatal diagnosis just to prepare a head of time for anything that may be revealed. However, if she was uncomfortable with the possibility of a schizophrenic child, I would encourage adoption. There are many children up for adoption who need good homes. In terms of sperm banks, I would definitely have to warm up to the idea but if my wife truly desired it, I would be on board.

2.My classmates posts:

I would discuss with my doctor the probability of whether or not the baby will have schizophrenia. I would also ask my doctor how the medicine that I am taking will affect the baby if at all. Based on the information the doctor will give me and doing some research online on all the possible options, I would then discuss the options that are available with my wife and make the decision based on what we both feel comfortable with. If my wife were to become pregnant, I might seek prenatal diagnosis depending on how invasive and accurate it is in order to be aware of the baby’s health and plan for it.

B) Co-sleeping:

What is your attitude toward parent-infant co-sleeping? Is it influenced by your cultural background? Explain.

1.My classmates posts:

I believe co-parenting is not all bad or good. Parents should have their newborns in the same room as them, but not the same bed. The baby should be in a crib while the parent is on their bed because while sleeping you cannot control your body at times. The baby will still be in the same room as the parents and if the baby starts to cry or something the parent will know faster. Culture does play a role in how a parent takes care of their child. In my culture, I have noticed many parents especially moms have their baby sleep with them on their bed. My mom co-slept with my younger siblings and me until we were 3 years, however, I know people from other cultures who do not do that.

2.My classmates posts:

Growing up, my parents did a lot of co-sleeping with both my younger brother and I. I’m going to be honest both my brother and I couldn’t fall asleep on our own till we were probably 8. I do not really know why my parents kept co-sleeping with us for so long but I don’t think it helped any of us in the long run. I think it is more than ok to co-sleep every once in a while if your child is under the age of 3. Kids need affection and more importantly sleep. If it does not bother the parent to fall asleep with the child sometimes then it is ok. I think it’s also important to let the child learn to sleep on their own after age 3 or else they’ll be like me and by 8 still can’t fall asleep alone. I don’t think this is a cultural thing I think it’s more a parenting style. My dad was very against the Ferber Method so I think thats why he co-slept with my brother and I because he did not really believe in the whole “self-soothe” idea.

C) Attachment Styles:

Please watch this brief video about the genetic basis of different attachment styles in children (and monkeys!):

You DO NOT have to watch the whole video. Please just watch from minute 16.06 – 25.53.

Bringing up Monkey

Given what you have learned, tell me what kind of attachment style you think YOU have.

-Do you think your attachment style has changed since you were a child?

-Do you think your upbringing has played a role in whether or not your attachment style has changed over time?

1.My classmates posts:

The attachment style that I had is best described as the bold, relaxed, and not shy at all attachment. We had a single house with fences so we would go out with my siblings play all day and we would only check with our mom when we were hungry. We all knew she is in the house. But when she is not around we didn’t play,and we became whiny kids. When she gets back home, we were happy kids. As i grew up, i became more relaxed because i knew she will come back. I am not nervous or reactive. I feel something when we are separated but it doesn’t show at all. My mom is a relaxed mom. She doesn’t follow me when i go out playing, but if i get hurt and cry she would come out running. I know she was always there for me. My attachment style didn’t change that much over time as i have always had a bold and relaxed attachment. I am relaxed but alert mom as well, because i was raised that way. My kids play relaxed, go here and there…but every now and there they would check on me, see if i am there. If they don’t find me where they last saw me, there will be a lot of drama.