Response to Julia Taymor Videos


1. Julie Taymor: Spider-Man, The Lion King and life on the creative edge

2. The Lion King – Behind the Scenes Part 1

The Lion King – Behind the Scenes Part 2

The Lion King – Behind the Scenes Part 3

3. ‘Circle of Life’ in 360º | THE LION KING on Broadway

4. Across The Universe – Because.avi

Across The Universe – Trailer

For this assignment you are first going to watch all four videos in this module that pertain to Julie Taymor. I suggest watching them in the order they appear in the module. Take notes as you watch, and focus specifically on visual imagery. What is said about the creation of the visual imagery and how it was conceived and created– (including costumes, make-up, sets, puppetry, etc.,)– and what stood out to you personally? Then, answer these questions:

1. Please list ten observations about the visual imagery from the films–both what the artists say, and what stood out to you.

2. What were you surprised by? What were you drawn to?

3. What does Ms. Taymor have to say about the creative process? Do you agree or disagree and why?

4. What is an ideograph and how does Ms. Taymor use it in her work?

5. Which imagery that you observed was created as a metaphor for something else? (Name two images and what the metaphor is).