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In order to figure out what a program is it is important to start with an agency. The article states, “A social service agency is an organization that exists to fill a legitimate social purpose such as: 1. To protect children from physical, sexual, and emotional harm 2. To enhance quality of life for developmentally delayed adolescents 3. To improve nutritional health for housebound senior citizens” (Grinnell M., 2015, p. 141). The article then goes on to discuss the different types of programs within agencies and how those are organized. The article goes on to state, “The general rule of ensuring that programs within an agency are logically linked together may seem simple enough that you might be wondering why we are emphasizing this point. The reality is that way too many programs are added to agencies on a haphazard, chaotic, and disorganized basis. This is because new programs spring out of last-minute funding opportunities that come available for new, but totally dissimilar, programs (to the agency’s goal, that is). While a social service administrator must constantly seek new resources to provide better and/ or additional services within the agency’s programs, it’s important that new and additional programs do not compromise existing ones” (Grinnell M., 2015, p. 145). It goes on to describe the importance of naming programs and suggests that you only pick one, “1. Function, such as Adoption Program or Family Support Program 2. Setting, such as Group Home Program or Residential Program 3. Target population, such as Services for the Handicapped Program 4. Social problem, such as Child Sexual Abuse Program or Behavioral Adaptation Treatment Program” (Grinnell M., 2015, p. 145).

A program I am going to focus on is where I would like to do my practicum which is a hospice facility. This would be a program within an agency where the goals are to improve nutritional health for housebound senior citizens. For hospice you are helping improve the quality of life and making sure the patients are happy where they are at and being taken care of. When describing the logic models the text states, “A clear and coherent program logic model provides great assistance during an evaluation’s design. It points out the key features and shows the relationships that may or may not need to be evaluated. At this level, evaluation questions are the foundation for an evaluation’s design” (Grinnell M., 2015, p. 170). This model is used to see how effect the program is. I would use it to look at the hospice facility I was working for to see how the funds are being allocated and to make sure the patients are being taken care of.


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