read article follow instructions 2 pages


Article Reflections: For each article reading assignment, a team of
two students will be assigned to lead the discussion for the day.
Discussion leaders must have a clear in-depth understanding of the
article (not simply read it over once), and present a well-constructed
series of discussion questions to the rest of the class. Leaders
should be able to relate the material to other topics in psychology,
the general media, or personal experience..
All students must turn in a 1-2 page reflective/reaction paper the day
of the discussion. Late papers will not be accepted. To get full
credit, papers must be error free and address the following:
1) Show that you read it – This can be accomplished through many
means. Some of the more common ones are thoughtful analyses, inclusion
of occasional quotes, and reference to specific or unusual details.
Select points throughout the assigned pages, in contrast to a single
passage, to demonstrate that you absorbed the entire article.
2) Show that you thought about it – General impressions of the
material, amplification of central points, agreement or disagreement
with the author, questions you would like answered (all are ways of
expressing your analytical reasoning). Avoid a simple summary; stretch
your mind and wrestle with the material.
3) Relate it to something – This can include previous courses,
research studies, controversial issues in psychology, current events,
and life experiences.