Reaction Paper


Hi, can you do now paper on chapters 11 and 12? thank you

Reaction Paper: “Counseling the culturally diverse” 7th edition chapter 11 and 12

You are to complete paper in which you react to the readings assigned that week. The reaction paper should be no fewer than 500 words. The paper should be used to summarize salient themes from the readings as well as discuss important points from the readings. You should use these reaction paper to bring yourself into the material. How does readings relate to you, your professional identity, and your work with clients? Papers will be graded on clear engagement with the material and depth of summary/reflection.

Also reminder to be specific and to include question: You are expected to include a question that you had based on the readings. Please put this question at the end of your reaction paper. The question goes toward the 500-word requirement for the reaction paper.