Question Attached


-The research will be 10 pages and I am already done with 7 pages which are attached, so write the 3 pages to the added part of the outline and I want you to make some edits to them as below.

-Instead of beginning the paper with the research question, try to hook the audience and capture their interest.

-I want to use all the sources from the midterm portfolio references in the research paper, so please I want you to add in-text citations from almost all the sources to the text already written and to the text you will write and add all of the sources in the references.

(Use ONLY the sources in the midterm portfolio references and annotated bibliography )

-This paper will be the main assignment for this course, so please I want it to be specific, strong, and argumentative, so do the edits to make that.

-Add a fourth part to the outline to explain and discuss the rotary engine in details:

*The Rotary Engine And How is it Different from Piston Engines

1-how does the rotary engine work

2-the difference in the working mechanism between rotary engines and piston engines

3-the timing of the rotary engine and the timing of piston engines.

4-Does the rotary engine worth the money and time that will be spent for its revival

The most suitable place for this part of the outline will be after the first part

The attached files are the outline, research paper that need to be edited as above, and the midterm portfolio (It has the annotated bibliography, research proposal, and source evaluation).

Please highlight the edits and added texts.