Psychology Stress Effects In Everyday Life


Identify an article/story you have recently seen online “in the news” related to current events, news stories, healthcare, criminal justice, politics, new research findings, etc. – anything at all that you can relate back to the broad subject of Psychology. The idea is to encourage a psychological perspective on the people, things & events happening around us.

Post the link to your article in the Discussion space below to share a brief 10-15 sentence summary, personal commentary/reaction to the article.

what general sub-field or topic area does the article relate to (ex. biology/neuroscience, child development, psychopathology, etc.)

Questions to Consider:
– what did you find interesting/controversial/surprising about the article? What is the main “take away”?

The links for sample articles below give examples of science-based articles that offer good information:

Neuroscience and Rehabilitation…

Tobacco/Substance Use and Psychological Health