Proposal for the final project


if you know about ceramic take the question

Proposed Projects: Produce a vessel form or sculpture using any technique or combination of techniques learned in all of the previous projects. Each project will begin with a one-page proposal(200-300 words), including sketches and supporting images, submitted to the instructor. Use the outline below to help structure your proposal and try to be as specific as possible. This proposal is worth 25 out of a possible 125 points for the final Proposed Project Grade, and will be assessed according to the rubric below.

Proposal Outline:

Purpose: Explain your intentions and goals for creating a ceramic object, and whether the object is functional, sculptural, or an exploration of traditional vessel forms. If you are exploring a sculptural application or a traditional vessel form, describe any ideas you are investigating and or trying to communicate. If you are focusing on functional vessel forms, explain its purpose and how its design will benefit its use.

Technique: Describe your strategy of construction and explain which techniques you will employ for its successful completion. Also describe how the piece will be finished including surface treatment and glazing technique.

Describe any examples of artist influence you may be incorporating or borrowing technique from. This may include other artist’s surface treatment, glaze application, or construction technique

Sketches: Submit sketches and any images that will visually help explain the final project. Include any supporting information from other artists or from previous projects that may aid with composition, materials, form, or texture.

See the attached some of the techniques we used before