Project 1 – Human interaction


So have you ever wondered why you feel and act the way you do? Why perhaps that your behavior is so different from a sibling or friend? Why do some people irritate you and others do not? Understanding your personality traits/ type is an important exercise for you in order to successfully navigate our world and in relationships with others, especially in work environments

To begin review the list below of several websites that contain personality inventories Important you DO NOT need to pay any $ to receive any in depth reports, the free versions you are provided are fine.

You will need to choose 3 of the personality inventoriesto complete

•The Big Five Personality Test:

• The Keirsey Temperament Sorter:

•Jung Personality Test:

•DISC Personality Test:


•Personality Perfect:


After you have completed the

3 personality inventories provide the following:

•A summary of each of the inventory results.

•What does your personality type say about your communication

style? Review your type at:…-strategies-for-different-types

•Your insightful reactions/comments to these results (agreements/disagreements).

•Any examples of how you have seen your personality traits/type in your behavior

and communication?

•Did the inventories provide you with any surprises?

How will this knowledge about yourself benefit you in the future and/or What changes could you make in your behavior now since you know your

communication style that would help you live a more successful life?

•Without sharing your personality inventory results ask a close friend or family member to write down 10 words that describe you –

examples could include; fair, loyal, gloomy, sensitive, etc. Be OPEN to what you

consider positive and negative traits!! Include their descriptions in your paper.

Also, ask them if they feel you listen to them when they talk and how they would describe your communication style.

•Now,share you results with this person –

do they agree or disagree with your results? Provide examples