powerpoint presentation


In this week, you will have the opportunity to develop and share with a small group of your colleagues a presentation summarizing your 4 week Paper. This task facilitates your learning about how to disseminate information in presentation form. The ability to do this well is important for gaining the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to present your research and ideas to colleagues. In addition, learning how to give and receive feedback is important. Receiving peer feedback helps you learn how to strengthen your writing and presentation skills by taking into account the responses of actual and anticipated readers. Giving peer feedback helps you refine your critical-thinking skills and your communication skills.

Post a 10-slide PowerPoint-style presentation (excluding reference and titile) with audio that summarizes each of the four sections of your Paper.

The audio should be a recording of you presenting the PowerPoint as if you were standing in front of an audience. Refer to your sources using in-text citations. Be sure to include the following in your slideshow presentation:

  • 1 slide with title information
  • 2 slides describing the following:
    • Your chosen professional role
    • Why you chose this particular profession
    • The knowledge, skills, and characteristics one would need be successful in your chosen profession
  • 1 slide outlining how van der Heijden’s (2002) three predictor variables might inform your actions in developing expertise in your chosen profession
  • 1-2 slides outlining the main theories used in your chosen profession
  • 1-2 slides outlining the main research areas used in your chosen profession
  • 1-2 slide outlining how your chosen professional role can contribute to positive social change
  • 1 slide with reference information
  • Be sure to add graphics to your slides to make it visually appealing